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A collection of the things I have made/worked on just out of personal interest and a desire to test things out.

Pokemon TCG Pixel Project

Recreating the missing Pixel Art renditions of the famous Base/Jungle set cards that were left out of the Pokemon TCG Game Boy game.

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More T-Shirt Designs

Further T-Shirt designs created during lockdown as a side project to keep the mind working.

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#BritWres Graphic Design

A small collection of for fun designs I created all based around the UK independent wrestling scene, including infographics & stickers.

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Got Up On This

A WordPress based database created to log all of the episodes of the Get Up On This podcast allowing users to find out when topics were first mentioned on the show and to vote on if they like or dislike the topics.

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Portfolio Image for Progress Trumps Online

Progress Trumps Online

Created for fans of the London based PROGRESS wrestling, this online multiplayer trumps game brings the fun of table top gaming to browser windows and tablet devices and improves on the original format with statistics that are always updating and giving a new spin to the game.

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Portfolio Image for Match Graphics

Draft Game Match Graphics

As part of an online wrestling fan community I have recently been taking part in a draft game with a focus being to design a set of 4 to 5 match graphics per game.

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Portfolio Image for the collection of Retro Shirts

Retro Gaming T-Shirts

A small project to design a number of different print on demand products based on two of my favourite 8 bit retro games.

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Portfolio Image for Minifolk


Standardised character design is something I’ve long been interested in and Minifolk are the ultimate continuation of this interest. These detail oriented little characters are a fun pastime.

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Portfolio Image for wrestling Posters

Pro Wrestling Fan Art

As a way of practicing new techniques and tutorials in Photoshop I often design and create posters and wallpapers based on pro wrestling.

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