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One of the other things I have from time to time dipped my toe into, designing for print adds a few unique challenges that my usual web based work don’t through up that often.

Portfolio Image for Progress Trumps Online

Progress Trumps Online

Created for fans of the London based PROGRESS wrestling, this online multiplayer trumps game brings the fun of table top gaming to browser windows and tablet devices and improves on the original format with statistics that are always updating and giving a new spin to the game.

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Portfolio Image for the collection of Retro Shirts

Retro Gaming T-Shirts

A small project to design a number of different print on demand products based on two of my favourite 8 bit retro games.

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Portfolio Image for Bobi Cards

Bobi Cards

Designed for print on demand, Bobi is a faced paced card game to be played in large groups with a simple premise, just don’t lose! After going through a number of alterations in the design over the years, the current design of Bobi is one I am immensely proud of.

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