Why it’s important

No matter what kind of promotional material you are creating, it can only be as effective as it’s poorest part. It’s easy to improve the font choices and make the background images and composition better. Yet many graphic designers struggle with photo rendering (or cutting), leaving the whole piece with an unfortunately unprofessional look.

You can see more about why it’s important in my portfolio.


What I can offer

My method of rendering (or cutting) photographs doesn’t leave any of the ‘pixel residue’ that many of the ‘quick’ tools used by designers commonly leave on an image. As a result the finished ‘renders’ are perfect for use in any number of promotional materials. This leaves no additional work for your designers.

As well as the quality, I am offering renders at a very reasonable price per render (more so for larger orders). Each order will have quick delivery times, outlined when the order is placed and based on the total number of renders ordered.

You can see more about what I can offer in my portfolio.


See the quality

Example of a photo before being cut Example of a photo after being cut

Photo courtesy of Westside Xtreme Wrestling

Reasonable Pricing


£4 per render

Maximum 1 day turn around per render ordered.

10 or more

£3.50 per render

Maximum of 1 day turn around for every 3 renders ordered.

50 or more

£3 per render

Maximum of 1 day turn around for every 6 renders ordered.

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