Portfolio Image for Minifolk


Standardised character design is something I’ve long been interested in and Minifolk are the ultimate continuation of this interest. These detail oriented little characters are a fun pastime.

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Portfolio Image for wrestling Posters

Pro Wrestling Fan Art

As a way of practicing new techniques and tutorials in Photoshop I often design and create posters and wallpapers based on pro wrestling.

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Portfolio Image for the Flood Relisance website

Flood Resilience Project

The first design project I completed at work was a proposed design for the Northamptonshire Community Flood Resilience Pathfinder Project. Tasked to try and convey the message without coming across too serious or businesslike I was very happy with the outcome I created.

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Portfolio Image for the Scribble Scrabble game

Scribbled Scrabble

A university project based around creating a game to help school children with a subject, Scribbled Scrabble was created as a fun game to help to teach children how to correctly draw letter forms.

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Portfolio Image for Bobi Cards

Bobi Cards

Designed for print on demand, Bobi is a faced paced card game to be played in large groups with a simple premise, just don’t lose! After going through a number of alterations in the design over the years, the current design of Bobi is one I am immensely proud of.

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Portfolio Image for the Sentinels Game Generator

Sentinels Game Generator

One of the earliest projects I completed after first learning PHP at university was to create a simple web application that would allow you to generate the set up for a new game of Sentinels of the Multiverse.

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Portfolio Image for T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design

Not really a full project but instead a collection of a number of individual t-shirt designs that I have worked on over a number of years. These have sometimes just been created for myself but more often have been design ideas that I have had to be sold through print on demand services such as Redbubble.

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